The first shenzhen international audio exhibition 2019

2019-07-23 13:52

The 2019 shenzhen international audio exhibition (hereinafter referred to as shenzhen audio exhibition), under the guidance of China electronic audio industry association, sponsored by shenzhen audio industry association and co-organized by acoustics building BBS, will be held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center from September 20 to 22. Set of "smarter", "more comprehensive", "more exciting" three highlights in one, the first shenzhen sound exhibition welcome all major audio and related manufacturers to participate, work together, "amazing".

More intelligent, show the "great wisdom" of the audio industry

With Internet giants at home and abroad aiming at the audio industry and investing heavily in the layout of AI product matrix, the video and audio industry is embracing an "intelligent revolution". According to the 2019 white paper on the development of the world smart mobile terminal industry, shenzhen manufactures about 80 percent of the world's smart wearable products, with a complete industrial chain of sensors, flexible components, terminal devices and interactive solutions. Backed by the largest r&d and production base of China's smart wearable devices in shenzhen, shenzhen sound show has unique advantages in intelligent audio and video display, attracting many well-known intelligent audio and video exhibitors at home and abroad.

Smart headphones, smart speakers, smart cinema... The most cutting-edge and fresh AI audio and video products and technologies will be displayed in the exhibition "big collection" to show the new intelligent situation of the audio and video industry.

More comprehensive, gather industry chain in the field of video and audio

Shenzhen sound exhibition is not only a product "grand party", but also a "feast" covering the whole industrial chain. Focusing on the five aspects of industry, technology, products, experience and scene, the exhibition displays all the elements needed from technology to products, from materials to components, from chips to solutions, from manufacturing equipment to test instruments, allowing visitors to one-stop access to required products, technologies and solutions.

Display specific content including but not limited to, intelligent speaker, bluetooth speaker, cable and wireless headset, home theater, home theater system, power amplifier, car electronic amplifiers and acoustics, speaker, microphone, electronic Musical Instruments, audio electronic scheme design, the speaker unit components, home theater, speakers and audio products manufacturing equipment and testing instruments.

More splendid, hold the most influential audio technology exchange in China

During the exhibition, activities related to the 14th anniversary annual meeting of acoustics building will be held, and brand exhibitors' product/technology conference will be held. We will share the leading audio technology, share the fashionable new audio and video products, and discuss the development of audio industry.

Acoustic floor BBS is very it is worth mentioning that the domestic use most, the most widely coverage of free technology BBS, acoustic products production business owners and suppliers is the participation of the nation's largest acoustics professional BBS and domestic influential professional BBS, currently registered membership is as high as tens of thousands of people, members all over the country, the influence to spread at home and abroad. The annual acoustics building annual meeting, the content is fresh and rich, many domestic and foreign technology experts "speak by their own testimony", greatly promoted the sound technology exchange. The annual meeting of the 14th anniversary of the acoustics building held at the same time of the exhibition will be more exciting and not to be missed.